Verbazingwekkende feiten over kraakbeen

Verbazingwekkende feiten over kraakbeen

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CBD Olie kan helpen bij artrose. Lees hoe op

Huile de CBD peut aider avec l’arthrose. Visite



AMAZING FACTS ABOUT CARTILACE 1 2 Inside the joint is an amazing superhero called CARTILAGE. CARTILAGE provides ideal shock-absorbing capacity for the joint. CARTILAGE CARTILAGE stores the joint’s 3 fluid. CARTILAGE is lubricates the joint and allows filled with negatively charged chondroitin molecules. This gives the CARTILAGE an for the joint’s seamless motion. important added cushioning effect. CARTILAGE degenerates in The best way to prevent a 5 joint from degenerating is to osteoarthritis. This degenerative process Healthy Joint keep the surrounding muscles strong and flexible. By doing this, the joint does not have results in a loss of cushioning as well as loss of lubrication for to carry as much of the load of the body. the joint. Osteoarthritis

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