Surveillance video toont dat CBD-activiteiten van Gastonia worden beroofd – WBTV

Surveillance video toont dat CBD-activiteiten van Gastonia worden beroofd – WBTV

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GASTONIA, N.C. (WBTV) – A CBD shop in Gastonia was the target of a robbery this past weekend, according to a police report filed with the Gastonia Police Department. Jason Tedder, manager of Blue Ridge CBD on S New Hope Road, said the shop was robbed Sunday night around 7:30 pm.

The shop sells various CBD products for people and pets. Tedder said the businesses’ usual clientele consists of older people who are looking for pain remedies. Tedder said he uses some of the products too.

“I have arthritis and carpel tunnel and sometimes my gout will flare up and it’s perfect,” said Tedder regarding the CBD items.

Store surveillance footage shows a completely covered person walk straight into the business Sunday night, grab the store’s cash box and walk out of the business. The entire incident only lasted a few seconds.

“They just came in and took it and told the lady that was working here ‘just don’t move’ and grabbed the box and left,” explained Tedder.

The store manager explained that he thinks the suspect is someone who had previously been in the store at some point prior to committing the robbery.

“I guess it was somebody that frequents here because they knew where the money was located,” said Tedder.

No one was hurt during the incident and no property was damaged, but Tedder said it’s still upsetting for someone to steal from a local business so close to the holiday season.

“All we’re trying to do is feed our children and struggle to survive like everybody else,” explained Tedder.

Anyone with information about the theft is encouraged to contact the Gastonia Police Department.

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