Pagdin Health kondigt de goedkeuring van Health Canada aan om onderzoek naar artrose uit te voeren met uw eigen stamcellen

Pagdin Health kondigt de goedkeuring van Health Canada aan om onderzoek naar artrose uit te voeren met uw eigen stamcellen

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KELOWNA, BC, Aug. 6, 2020 /CNW/ – Pagdin Health is excited to announce that Health Canada has approved the “first of its kind” stem cell research project for osteoarthritis. This project has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach osteoarthritis, because the options for treatment are currently quite limited: pain medications, cortisone injections, or major joint replacement surgeries.

Candidates suitable for this research project are Canadians between the ages of 19-79 years of age with osteoarthritis. The source of the adult stem cells will either be from fat or bone marrow. This will be combined with platelet rich plasma (PRP) derived from the participants blood. Participants will be randomized into one of three groups.  The first group will receive PRP and fat, the second group will receive PRP and bone marrow, and the third group will receive PRP with both fat and bone marrow.  All the participants will receive two follow up PRP injections at monthly intervals.  Participants will be followed up with telephone interviews at 6 months, 12 months, and 24 months, tracking the effectiveness of the procedure and monitoring for any side effects.  The purpose of this research project is to determine which combination of biologic materials produces the best outcome.  

“This is a potential game changer in the management of osteoarthritis,” says Dr. Grant Pagdin.  “Evidence is building that regenerative procedures using the combination of biologic materials we are investigating here have the potential to reduce joint pain and improve function.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if those suffering with osteoarthritis could move again with less pain and better mobility?”

About Dr. G. Pagdin – the Lead Investigator

Dr. Grant Pagdin is a Fellow of the College of Family Physicians of Canada and a clinical instructor at UBC.  He is board certified with the American Academy of Anti Aging & Regenerative Medicine and a fellow of the Interventional Orthobiologic Foundation and has a substantial background in clinical research.

In the absence of corporate sponsorship this project is being supported by Dr. G. Pagdin Inc. in partnership with the participants.  Dr. G. Pagdin Inc. was established in Kelowna British Columbia in 2006, with a focus on anti-aging and regenerative medicine. The corporate motto at Pagdin Health is “Living Longer Better”. More information, including the cost to participate can be found at or by calling the clinic at 250-717-3200.

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