Paarse tenen, rode hand, spierverspilling, zwakte en IKYNMD

Paarse tenen, rode hand, spierverspilling, zwakte en IKYNMD

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Preface, have exhausted my own capabilities in knowing how to proceed. I don’t take medications, background history is hyperparathyroidism and impaired glucose fasting. Tested 3x negative for ANA, Rheum Factor. Contracted Lyme 20 years ago.

So I’ve been chronically ill for a number of years, symptoms are diffuse, but they are constant. The circulatory issues were chalked down by neurologists and dermatologists to be either Raynaud’s or chillblains. No one could explain the hand swelling when I walk or why my toes are constantly either red or blue/purple. There is a mottled color to my legs and arms as well. In a hot bath they will revert to pink but once out the discoloration returns.

Structurally there are a few things that are going on. I have cervical stenosis at C5/C7, muscle wasting of one leg, TMJ and tinnitus (non-stop). I’ve also had a few heart issues, namely SVT’s. I had a lamenectomy at l3-l4 and have scoliosis at the thoracic level. Have done MRI’s and CT’s that confirmed stenosis at the cervical level and degeneration with osteoarthritis throughout the spine. I’ve done EMG’s in the past that showed deficits due to Carpal Tunnel.

Been to neurologists and neurosurgeons, also orthopedic surgeon. Only the orthopedic surgeon said to have an anterior cage put in at the l3-l4 level to prevent the spine from collapsing. That was a few years ago. Now I have osteopenia and orthopedic surgery is not an option. Because I’ve been feeling worse in the last 2 weeks (vertigo, intermittent numbness (face, hands, legs and feet) and muscle weakness I’m getting desperate and don’t know if this is systemic, neurological or vascular. If the hive-mind can help with some piece of information on diagnostics or anything that can be of value in moving forward with finding answers, it would be incredibly appreciated.

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