Overheid betaalt RM735.000 over overlijden van gepensioneerde arts

Overheid betaalt RM735.000 over overlijden van gepensioneerde arts

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The High Court awarded RM735,000 in damages to retired senior government legal officer Stanley Isaacs over the ‘negligent death’ of his wife five year years ago. (Reuters pic)

PETALING JAYA: The government has abandoned its appeal to challenge a High Court decision last year to award RM735,000 in damages to a retired senior government legal officer over the “negligent death” of his wife five year years ago .

Stanley Isaacs, a former head of the civil and prosecution division in the Attorney-General’s Chambers, said the appellants filed a notice of discontinuance recently.

“In view of that, I too withdrew my cross-appeal over the inadequacy of the damages awarded,” he told FMT.

Isaacs said as such, the decision of Judicial Commissioner Aliza Sulaiman on Aug 6 last year remained.

The Court of Appeal was scheduled to hear the appeals today.

In her judgment, Aliza said the government also had to pay interest on the damages from the date the suit was filed until the judgment sum was paid.

She also awarded another RM120,000 in costs.

Dr Suzanne Thomas was a former head of the Kuala Lumpur Hospital’s outpatients department. She was 62 when she died.

She had sought treatment at her former hospital for septic arthritis as diagnosed by a private hospital, but was instead treated for osteoarthritis.

Isaacs filed the suit on May 31, 2016, naming the government, nine doctors and three staff nurses at the hospital as defendants.

He said his wife was admitted to the private medical centre after she was diagnosed with septic arthritis. She later went to the government hospital for treatment.

She was still conscious and able to state her medical history but her condition worsened and she remained critically ill.

“She was found to be semi-conscious on the morning of Dec 21, 2014, after a night of severe headaches and vomiting,” he said in the statement of claim.

Thomas was transferred to the intensive care unit at 8.50pm on Dec 21 where she was intubated and ventilated, but her condition continued to deteriorate and she died on Christmas day.

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