Omgaan met artritis pijn? 4 medicijnvrije manieren om in beweging te blijven – Times of India

Omgaan met artritis pijn? 4 medicijnvrije manieren om in beweging te blijven – Times of India

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01/6Suffering from arthritis?

Arthritis is a condition that results in often painful and chronic inflammation around the joints, ligaments and the tissues which surround the muscles in the legs or the hands.


02/6How to manage the pain better

While arthritis can simply arise out of normal wear and tear of the tissues or infections, the pain subsiding from the condition can sometimes become unmanageable and disrupt day to day activities, making it even difficult to simply move around. While the first line of treatment remains medication or surgery but often, alternate forms of therapy can come in really handy in relieving symptoms and improving quality of life.

If managing the symptoms is on your mind, here are some 4 ways you can stay in control of your symptoms and stop the condition from worsening.


03/6Tai Chi

When you are stifled by pain, moving around and exercising can feel like the most difficult job and in the lack of this, you risk worsening your condition. According to experts, people suffering from any kind of arthritis pain should get the same amount of physical activity as those not suffering from it. If regular exercise and workouts scare you, Tai Chi is one form of low-impact workout which can benefit. It works by incorporating slow, fluid movements that are gentle on your muscles, release stress and tension and at the same time, improve flexibility, strength, and balance. A study conducted in 2013 also found that this exercise method was also beneficial in reducing pain and stiffness and reducing swelling.


04/6Massage therapy

While massages are thought of just as a destressing medium, studies prove that stimulation and massage can relieve symptoms temporarily, improve mobility of the joints and the muscles. Massage therapists can work in sync with your issues and treat them accordingly. Depending on your condition and the symptoms you show, hot and cold therapy can come in handy to alleviate chronic symptoms associated with arthritis.

The benefits of hold and cold therapy work towards relaxing your muscles and at the same time, stimulating and promoting blood circulation, which often gets disrupted with swelling and inflammation. While cold massage numbs the pain, swelling and reduces flare-up, and hot therapy opens up the joints and improves flexibility. This therapy can also work towards preventing extra tissue damage.



The ancient Chinese healing medium which requires the insertion of small, fine-sized needles into the skin at specific ‘trigger’ points works specifically in blocking the pain points. While the benefits and the efficacy of the same have not been entirely proven by science yet, there is no denying that acupuncture can work in relieving and managing symptoms. Complemented with traditional forms of treatment, it can also lessen the severity of your condition.


06/6Cognitive relaxation therapies

While traditional therapies help to target the triggers, psychological help can supply some essential coping mechanisms to deal and manage the pain and stress symptoms better. A therapist can work with you to identify the problems, offer support and help in the rehabilitative process too. Some of the most commonly used and effective relaxation techniques in treating arthritis include deep breathing, guided imagery, muscle relaxation. You can use one of them or try several methods together before finding the one that works for you.


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