Lichamelijke activiteit voor ouderen: ken de 6 meest aangegeven

Lichamelijke activiteit voor ouderen: ken de 6 meest aangegeven

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Keeping the quality of life high at the best age is something that everyone should strive for. Whether inside the gym, outdoors or with the family – with the help of professionals – the important thing is to keep your body active, for a better life.

Continue reading and discover the 6 exercises most suitable for the elderly. Check out!


It’s recommended to improve heart rate, respiratory function, increased mobility, etc. And the activity brings all these benefits without harming the joints or causing injuries of any kind, since it is carried out in water – therefore, of low risk.


Making a habit of walking a few minutes a day helps to increase the practitioner’s mood and well-being. In addition, because it is an aerobic activity, it helps to generate energy for the muscles through working with the breath. Best of all, you can walk both on treadmills and outdoors.


A great social stimulant, dance is good not only for the body, but also for the mind, as it helps to fight depression. In addition, it is a great exercise for memory, as the practitioner must keep the steps and choreography. Physical effort is also second: dance works on motor coordination and helps prevent diseases such as hypertension and osteoporosis.


You didn’t read it wrong, bodybuilding is a great exercise for seniors. In this way, the practitioner feels comfortable during the exercises and evolves little by little, in his own time, working different areas of the body and strengthening the muscles and body flexibility.

Water aerobics

Because it is performed in water, water aerobics does wonders for muscle strengthening, for the cardiorespiratory system, in addition to helping to improve motor coordination. Considered a low-risk exercise, precisely because it eases the effects of gravity, it is also perfect for those who suffer from arthrosis and osteoporosis.


Pilates is a democratic physical activity, as it is suitable for people of all ages. For the elderly, this method of exercise has benefits related to muscle alignment. Pilates also strengthens muscles and reduces pressure on joints, as all stretching is done using the weight of the body itself. Pilates is useful to fight against diabetes, hypertension and obesity. Some people have found that the combination of pilates and special pills can overcome sexual problems in old age. 

I noticed that when it comes to physical activities in old age, the possibilities are many – both in terms of the type of activity and the intensity. Because each person has their own potential and limitations, and this needs to be respected.

Therefore, the ideal is for a doctor to be consulted in advance, so that he can assess the patient’s condition and indicate the ideal type of exercise according to his abilities and needs. So, find a general practitioner to schedule your assessment before starting physical activity for the elderly!

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