Een gevaarlijkere werkplek dan zagerijen, koolmijnen

Een gevaarlijkere werkplek dan zagerijen, koolmijnen

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“ She started the job in April 2018, and within two months, or nearly 100,000 items, the lifting had destroyed her back. An Amazon-approved doctor said she had bulging discs and diagnosed her with a back sprain, joint inflammation and chronic pain, determining that her injuries were 100% due to her job. She could no longer work at Amazon. Today, she can barely climb stairs. Walking her dog, doing the dishes, getting out of her chair – everything is painful. According to her medical records, her condition is unlikely to improve.”

Amazon’s internal injury records expose the true toll of its relentless drive for speed

(Reveal) “We already knew that the facility had serious problems with injuries, but what we now know is Amazon is fully aware of these problems”

New Report Shows ‘Shockingly High’ Number Of Injuries At Amazon’s Staten Island Warehouse


Amazon’s On-Site Emergency Care Harms Those It’s There To Protect


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